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summer hair...

Summer is here at last and you're looking forward to your long, sun-drenched summer holiday. But you need to take care - sun, salt and chlorine can all damage your hair.

Our senior stylist Mary has some great tips for keeping you and your hair looking fabulous on your summer holiday.

  • The L'Anza Healing ColorCare range is perfect preparation for your holiday. So effective are these formulations, your hair's colour is guaranteed to look rich and vibrant for longer.
  • The L'Anza Healing ColorCare Color-Preserving Trauma Treatment is ideal for coping with high heat and humidity building up protecting against the sun's harmful rays.


The Healing Pure Clarifying Shampoo and Keratin Infusion from L'Anza is perfect for clarifying and removing deposits from your hair when you’re away. It’s a brand new purifying system that infuses the hair with radiant shine and strength in two simple steps.

  • L'Anza Healing Pure Clarifying Shampoo cleanses the hair using natural ingredients, making the formula extra gentle and suitable for all hair types.
  • L'Anza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion replenishes the hair with essential keratin proteins to dramatically improve strength, smoothness and shine, restoring it to its full beauty.


Finally, Mary has some straightforward practical advice for keeping you and your hair looking lovely when you're on holiday.

  • Wearing a hat or a scarf is a great way to protect your hair from the sun's rays.
  • Holidays are a good time to give your hair a rest from heated styling tools. Velcro rollers are a tried and tested way to restore fullness and life to your hair.
  • Remember to make an appointment a week or so after your holiday - we can keep your hair looking fabulous and you can show off your gorgeous tan!

We hope you have a lovely, relaxing holiday...


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